A long-lasting, quality deck starts with a good plan. Rhino Deck can help you create a backyard living space that’s perfectly suited to your family’s needs.

Your deck is an outdoor living space, and it should be as functional for you as any room in your home. If you’d like to create a deck area that’s perfectly suited to your family’s needs, it’s essential to have a good plan. Rhino Deck can help make determining and executing your plan as seamless as possible.

First, identify your needs. The more specific you are, the better your results will be. Will you be using your deck for cozy family dinners? To host large parties? To house your new outdoor kitchen? To lounge by your pool? Your deck’s function will largely determine its size, features, materials and layout, so pinning down exactly what you need it to do is essential.

Next, consider your specific space. Location, foot traffic patterns, sunlight exposure, existing landscaping, availability of plumbing and electrical fixtures and your home’s footprint should all be taken into consideration to determine and deal with your limitations. For example, let’s say you have a small backyard but dream of a deck that’s ideal for large parties. One option could be to build over most of your yard. Or you could build a smaller deck and find creative ways to make your space work for you, such as creating levels or setting up temporary party spaces.

Once you have your plan firmly in mind, take the time to sketch it out. You don’t need to be an artist. You just need to translate your basic design onto paper so that others can help you execute it. Your city planners or your homeowners association may also need to see a visual of your plan to determine what permits, if any, will be necessary.

Once you’ve determined logistics and created a solid, feasible layout for your deck, you can get started on selecting your materials. First, think practically. Go back to your function and space planning to help you determine what would best meet your needs. High traffic areas require highly durable materials. Areas with high sun exposure need fade-resistant materials. Another factor to consider is maintenance: Once the deck is installed, how much maintenance are you willing to undertake?

Next, think about aesthetics. Your deck space should blend in beautifully and effortlessly with your home and perfectly reflect its style and sense of place. Determining your home’s style first, and then thinking about your personal preferences within the scope of that style, will help you determine what boards, rails, and accents will look best.

Rhino Deck offers three lines of composite decking, with different levels of durability, strength, and maintenance requirements. The company can help you determine what products best fit into your specific deck plan. Rhino Deck also offers a wide range of attractive decking styles, meant to suit any decor. If you need ideas, the Rhino Deck product portfolio is a great place to start.

Once you have all of your deck ducks in a row, all that’s left to do is build, then enjoy your perfect outdoor space.